• PRASE Synth14 PICO

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What is PRASE Synth14 PICO

PRASE Synth14 PIC is a minimalistic DIY friendly desktop MIDI synthesizer...


  • Mono or 2/4 voice poly modes
  • 8bit PIC core (pic18f26k20 @ 64MHz)
  • 12bit digital-analog converters (mcp4921)
  • 80+ MIDI controlled parameters
  • True analog all-discrete resonant voltage controller filter
  • Optional digital filter (it can be switch of, or controlled independently on VCF
  • 2x LFO with variable waveshape
  • Noise generator with dedicated low/high pass filters and envelope
  • 4x oscillator with parametric waveshape
  • 2x 1-bit XORed AM sub-oscillator
  • DIY friendly. You can build it and/or you're welcome to modify/extend it
  • Firmware flashable via/ MIDI - no HW tools needed


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